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How soon will I receive my order?

- Most orders are delivered within 2-4 business days after being shipped.  Please allow 1 business day for handling.  Business days are M-F excluding holidays.  

What does unlocked mean?  

-  Our "unlocked" phones are compatible with both GSM/CDMA carriers worldwide.  They are not tied to a specific carrier-locking policy.  This allows ultimate freedom when choosing a service provider, traveling, or relocating. 

What condition can be expected of Cell Brokers' products?

- All products will have normal signs of wear, scratches, or minor imperfections.  Unless stated otherwise in description, you can expect a grade "A" product or better.  If you select "Fair condition - Any Color" on select models offering this option, then expect a device with more noticeable wear. scratches, & nicks (grade B/C).  Both conditions will come with a limited warranty & undergo the same testing. 

What does the limited warranty cover?

- Our limited warranty covers the motherboard from complete failure due to normal usage.  Any physical/water damage, exposure to heat, or other negligence will void this warranty.  Devices must be shipped in for warranty diagnostic.  Warranty exchanges are very rare circumstances due to our strict testing & checkpoint process.

Where do Cell Brokers' phones come from?

- All devices we sell are certified buybacks from carriers, corporate accounts, & have pass extensive testing. 

What is an IMEI?

- An IMEI is a phone's "SSN".  It is a phones direct identity when connected to a cellular network.  ALL Cell Brokers' phones have a clean IMEI & will have no issues activating with compatible networks.