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Why Cell Brokers is the best place to buy your next phone!

Buying a new (or used) phone can be tricky, headache inducing, & in some cases even dangerous (meeting strangers on Facebook Marketplace & other people driven marketplaces). 

With carrier contracts disappearing, consumers are seeing the exact retail prices of their beloved phones inflate year over year!  On average, Apple & Samsung's flagship phones are reaching the $1099-1499 price range with no end in sight.  With 5G looming around the corner & OLED displays becoming standard, prices will not be coming down anytime soon! 

While this all sounds scary there are several positive by products from this wireless world disruption!  Given the incentive to sign contracts for a discount at Verizon/AT&T (largest wireless carriers in U.S.) is long gone,  consumers are free to look elsewhere to snag a phone when due for an "upgrade".  Demand for gently used phones has grown in the past year or 2 as a result of this shift in the carriers' business model. 

As a result, Cell Brokers (an ecommerce company, Cell Brokers Technologies LLC.), has successfully given consumers a go to platform to order their next phone at a fraction of the retail price!  Unlike other marketplaces I've bought from before, Cell Brokers' online store offers TRULY factory unlocked phones on most flagship phone models from Apple, Samsung, Google, & more.  I won't go into super deep details as you can read about "unlocked" phones in my next blog, but to simply put it, your phone from CB will work with ANY carrier in the U.S. or world; no questions asked or compatibility confirmation required.  In most cases simply inserting your SIM card will be enough (some of the smaller carriers require you to call their customer support such as MetroPCS/Boost/Sprint).  This really takes the guesswork on trying to figure out if your phone will work or not with your service provider.  

In my experience, buying from people driven marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, & even Amazon you are buying from individuals who may or may not have your best interest in mind when selling their old phones.  These phones can be blacklisted (reported lost/stolen), iCloud/Google locked (bricked/useless), or simply not compatible with your carrier as most people don't know whether their device is truly unlocked or just GSM unlocked or not eligible to be unlocked (money owed to original carrier, etc.).  I speak of this from experience as I've bought a phone before from an individual seller & was never able to use it, needless to say I learned my lesson.  CB has several checkpoints they run their phones through prior to releasing them into the market.  From hardware/software tests to data/call connectivity, they GUARANTEE each phone will do what it was designed to do.  Most devices come with a 45-120 day warranty & to date none of the phones I've bought have had any issues.  It feels great having this type of security when buying a gently used phone from CB.

My last point & probably the most important one is the amount of money I SAVED!  I'm not one to need the latest iPhone to begin with, but I was definitely due for an upgrade from my iPhone 6s I've had since 2015. I didn't want to buy one from my carrier (AT&T) as the price was well around $999 for most newer iPhones & not to mention upgrade fees, new plan required, & other carrier jargon would have increased my bill unnecessarily for 24-30 months.  I was able order an iPhone 8 Plus for only $499 plus tax from CB.  This saved me almost $300-500 in comparison to the new retail price.  My phone arrived in a few days after ordering on their website, .     

Upon my phone arriving, I swapped my SIM & restored from my iCloud & boom, I was set!  My phone even came with basic instructions on how to swap SIM/data.  Once all was done,  I sent CB my old iPhone 6s to trade in to their BuyBack Program (I got some money for recycling with them).  This buyback process took about 3-4 business days & payment was issued to me via PayPal (Venmo) which was very neat.  All in all, it was a great experience & money saving as well! 

This is why you should buy your next phone with Cell Brokers.  Safe, quick delivery, & money money money savings! :)


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  • Very insightful, & I had a great experience ordering from this business as well! Glad I stumbled upon this blog when shopping for a new phone!

    Erica Ramirez

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